Cobalt Offers Auto Shipping To New York State

Did you happen to know that Cobalt Auto Services offers automobile deliveries to and from the state of New York? Below is some added details from the company on their services to this part of the United States:

Do you need to ship your car, truck, or motorcycle to or from the state of New York? If so, call Cobalt Auto Services toll free at 855-242-8090 or visit our website for your free quote.

Moving your vehicle to or from NY can be involved. Let Cobalt take the stress and time consuming steps out of your hands so that you can concentrate on more important things like moving, vacation, or whatever else you might be doing.

If you are moving to New York and will be picking up your car after transport, be sure to plan ahead and know what the weather will be like before you arrive. If you vehicle is shipped during the winter, the weather can range from cold and rainy to sub zero temperatures and lots of snow – depending on your exact location. If you ship your car during the summer the weather can be quite hot and humid in New York.

Protecting your car will also help – during the summer you can cover seats and other areas to reduce damage from the sunlight.

Let Cobalt help you with your next car shipment to New York – contact us today for your free auto transport quote.

The full video can also be viewed at:


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